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How to Fasten a Post on a Wall with a Cover

Hello everyone, we are Marco from Fenceshop, the e-commerce of Rete Plastic. Today we will show you how to install a fence on a wall with a cover. We will understand what a cover is, how to proceed when ordering materials for a wall with a cover, and the different situations we might encounter.

What is a cover?

A cover is a prefabricated modular concrete element used to finish walls. Generally, covers are about one meter long and are used to embellish and finish walls. They are glued on top of the wall with adhesives or cement.

Types of Walls

There are two main types of walls:

  • Classic concrete wall: Straight, simple, and without a cover. In this case, we can directly fasten a post or a panel fence to the surface of the wall.
  • Wall with cover: The cover can be flat or rounded (curved). Let's see how to proceed in both cases.
Wall with Flat Cover

When fastening on a flat cover, the final result will be visible. It is important to pay attention to a fundamental detail: use anchors of adequate length to pass through the cover and solidly anchor to the underlying wall.

Wall with Rounded Cover

In this case, it is necessary to add spacers to the edges of the post plate since the plate is straight while the cover is curved. We use washers, wedges, or chemical anchors to ensure that the plate remains firm and the fence does not wobble.

Alternative Solution: Cover After the Fence

Another solution, which we consider optimal, is to place the cover after installing the fence. In this way, the post of the fence will be fixed directly to the main wall, ensuring greater stability. Afterwards, the cover will be cut and placed around the post, achieving a clean and robust aesthetic result.

Technical Considerations on Anchors

When installing a fence on a wall with a cover, it is essential to use longer anchors than usual. Covers have a thickness of about 6-7 centimeters, so an 8-centimeter anchor would not be sufficient. We opt for 10-12 centimeter anchors so that they pass through the cover and anchor securely to the concrete wall.

A too short anchor might initially hold, but over time the cover could detach from the wall due to stress. Always ensure that the anchor is long enough to guarantee the stability of the fence.


We hope to have clarified all doubts on how to fasten a post on a wall with a cover. If you have any further questions or comments, do not hesitate to write to us. Visit our websites and to discover all our products. Thank you for following our tutorial and see you next time!

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