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Shipping Fencing Materials

When you place an order on our Fenceshop ecommerce platform, there is always a dedicated team handling your request. Today we want to talk about this process with the help of Salvatore, one of our key employees. Hi everyone, I'm Marco from Fenceshop, and today, for this interview playlist, I've decided to join with a special guest. Hi Salvatore. Hi Marco, thanks for the invitation. Thank you. Spontaneous? Absolutely yes. Joking aside, Salvatore is an employee of our company who will now explain in a few words what he does. Then we will go a bit further to analyze better what is the process behind, let's say behind the scenes, of an order that is fulfilled online.

Managing Online Orders

Salvatore mainly takes care of managing online orders and warehouse management. When an order arrives on our portal, it is viewed in the morning. Salvatore explains that he starts his shift by finding the orders from the previous day on the counter. He performs a sort of check and sorts the orders by the various categories of products we handle, like carpentry, small items, plastic mesh, iron mesh. This helps organize the warehouse efficiently, avoiding going to the same place multiple times.

Shipping Times

An important topic for those who buy online is shipping speed. At Fenceshop, we strive to do our best to process orders quickly. Generally, orders are processed within 24 hours, as every day, in the late afternoon, we have a pick-up by the courier. We sell fencing materials, which are often bulky or heavy, which can affect shipping costs. We also ship mesh or covering items up to 3 meters high, which require more handling and careful packaging.

Custom Cutting and Packaging

For orders that require custom cutting, like mesh or shading nets, we assess if there are available offcuts or cut directly from the full roll. We use various packaging materials like bubble wrap, shrink wrap, tape, and nylon. For delicate materials, like gates, we tend to place them on pallets to ensure greater protection. Smaller gates can also be shipped loose, with special attention to edge protection.

Measuring and Rolling Shading Nets

To measure and cut shading nets, we use a meter counter machine and roll them onto tubes to avoid damage during transport. This method was adopted after noticing that folding the shading net like a blanket caused marks and aesthetic damage, often leading to the return of the package.

Handling Errors

Errors can happen, especially during busy periods. When they do, we try to resolve the issue as quickly as possible by sending the correct item to the customer. It’s important to react promptly and efficiently to maintain customer satisfaction. Often, small accessories are placed inside the mesh roll to optimize packaging and space, not to upset the customer.


We hope this video and explanation have helped you understand better the process behind order management at Fenceshop. If you have suggestions or experiences to share, do not hesitate to leave us a comment. Remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Thank you for watching, and good work!

Marco and Salvatore from Fenceshop

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