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Mesh + Total Shading Screen

It might have already happened to you that your dog, within your property, gets distracted by what happens outside: passing cars, other dogs, or people. Today we will see if there is a plastic mesh solution that can help us solve this problem. Hello everyone, I'm Marco from Fenceshop, and today we will talk about a particular plastic mesh combined with a shading mesh, a sort of hybrid. Here it is in my hands, specifically the product is called Bahia.

Technical Features

Before understanding its peculiarities, let's take a look at its technical features. The plastic mesh is made of high-density extruded polyethylene with a diamond size of about 20x20 mm. The fabric behind is a non-woven fabric with 100% shading. The two meshes, the plastic one and the non-woven fabric, are heat-sealed. This particular mesh features a reinforced and non-sharp edge at the top and bottom and is UV protected. It weighs 750 grams per square meter, so it is quite robust. It is available in two heights: one meter and 1.50 meters, and the rolls are 25 meters long. We at Fenceshop also offer a convenient meter-cutter.

Fields of Use

What are the fields of use for this mesh? It is certainly ideal for residential use, perfect for masking and fencing gardens and terraces, in short, for the perimeter fences of our home. This prevents us from being seen from the other side and, as mentioned at the beginning, prevents our dog from being disturbed by what happens outside. As you can see, it offers 100% shading.

Mesh Installation

Let's move on to the installation. How do you install this particular mesh? We have two options. The first is to apply it as if it were a shading cloth on an existing fence. So, if the skeleton of our fence is already present, we can apply it on top using fix-ties or tying wire, as we did on this display frame. It is important to tie it well to the rigid plastic part and not to the cloth to avoid tears. The recommendation is to tie it tightly at a close distance of about 20 centimeters, above, in the middle, and below. This is the solution if we already have an existing fence.

The second option is to use the mesh as a standalone fence. Since it is already rigid, thanks to the robust plastic mesh with a diameter of about 3-4 mm, it can be used as a new fence. In this case, the installation becomes a bit more difficult because we are installing a new mesh and not applying it to something that already exists. Again, the concept is always to tie it tightly above, in the middle, and below.

Cutting and Maintenance

If we need to cut this cloth, household scissors will suffice, provided they are sharp enough. Being a robust mesh, it is quite difficult to cut, especially when crossing the chain link mesh. Once cut, it can be shaped according to needs. It is important to note that this mesh creates a significant sail effect, so it is essential to ensure that the support posts are adequately robust to prevent them from bending in the wind.

Durability and Resistance

An important aspect to consider is that, being a cloth heat-sealed to a plastic mesh, over time it might tend to detach due to sun exposure, wind, and atmospheric agents. However, if the mesh is correctly tied to the main plastic wires, it will remain firm over time. Even if the cloth slightly detaches, don't worry: the important thing is to tie it well to the main wires.


Well, that's all for today. As always, we remind you to subscribe to our channel to stay informed about the world of fences. Visit our websites for the institutional site and for our e-commerce. Leave your comments below if you have any. Greetings to all!

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