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Corten Shade Mesh

Hello everyone, I'm Marco from Fenceshop and today we will talk about a brown shade mesh, a really trendy product. As a joke, I even put on glasses for this video. The shade mesh in question is produced by Tenax. Let's look at some technical characteristics.

Technical Characteristics

The mesh is made of HDPE, or high-density polyethylene, which ensures strength and durability. It is UV stabilized, so it does not undergo deformation or color changes over time. The coverage level is about 80%, offering good sun protection and privacy. The mesh has a reinforced hem on the long sides, along the top and bottom for extra strength.

The manufacturing company guarantees the product for at least 5 years. The available heights are three: 1 meter, 1.50 meters, and 2 meters, with rolls of 50 meters. We at Fenceshop also offer convenient meter cuts to adapt the quantity to your needs. Lastly, it is a mesh made in Italy, synonymous with quality.

Uses of the Shade Mesh

This shade mesh is ideal for residential uses. It can be installed on fences, gates, balconies, and gazebos. We at Fenceshop have also installed it in our company, as you can see from the photos appearing in the video tutorial. The images show the mesh properly installed on the fence at the entrance of our company, next to a private residence.


As for the installation, the shade mesh follows the usual criteria. It is easy to install, with a difficulty level of 2-3 on a scale from 1 to 5. The main rules are: stretch it well, tie it very well, and use some precautions at the beginning and end of the fence. In the tutorial video linked in the description, we show you step by step how to do it.

An useful accessory for the installation are brown fix-ties, which match perfectly with the mesh. We at Fenceshop have them available, so you can purchase them along with the mesh.

Additional Details

An important aspect to consider is that the 2-meter high mesh is packed in half, so it will be folded into two 1-meter pieces. Don't be alarmed when you receive it, just open it to get the correct size.

Another element to highlight concerns the available formats. At Fenceshop, we offer meter cuts, unlike the classic formats of 5 or 10 meters. This allows you to purchase exactly the amount you need, without any waste.


I hope I have provided you with useful information about this shade mesh. I invite you to subscribe to our channel, leave comments, and visit our websites and for more details and to purchase this product. See you soon, bye everyone!

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