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Our 2 Biggest Mistakes...

Come on, let us talk about ourselves a bit now and then. What are the two biggest mistakes we've made? Hello everyone, we are Marco from Fenceshop, Fenceshop Kelly Commerce of Rete Plastic. So, what are the two biggest mistakes we've made in our working career? Despite being a well-established and consolidated company for over 45 years, we are not complaining. With all the problems that companies in Italy can have at this historical moment, let's say, we are not complaining. We have our work, we have our business, so we move forward and it's fine like that. But we have made mistakes, obviously like everyone. Everyone makes mistakes, all companies make mistakes, all people make mistakes. We are far from giving life lessons, let's be clear. Let's talk specifically. We mean non-technical mistakes. We might have also messed up some fences, or made a wrong assessment, a technical error on a fence. Here, we are talking about more general mistakes. When one says if I could redo my working career, if I could be born again, I would do this, this, this. Let's see what they are.

The first big mistake: not learning English

The biggest mistake we think we made is not learning English. I personally did not learn it, I don't know it. Within the company, there is only one person, let's say, a girl, who knows it, but the company is not structured to interact in English. What does this mean? It means that over the years it has prevented us from building relationships, commercial or otherwise, visiting companies abroad, and thus absorbing a different essential mindset, because language is an obstacle. If you know English, it's not new, you can travel the world. If you don't know it, you can only travel using gestures, and that certainly doesn't help. We do not mean selling directly abroad. We are, for example, talking precisely about forming commercial relationships or dealing with people abroad. This broadens your mind. This is something we miss and we greatly regret. To be clear, our e-commerce is translated into two languages besides Italian, French, and English. Both languages have been translated by native speakers, so it’s not that the work hasn’t been done well, but this is a purely commercial channel. That is, we are selling you a product, we have translated it well into French or English, if you want you buy it, if you don't want you don’t buy it. You understand that our earlier reasoning was a bit broader.

The second big mistake: not traveling enough

The second mistake we think we made is not traveling. And so, we always link back to two major problems in life in some way. So, languages and traveling. We haven't traveled much, we are a bit provincial, and this limits you, limits you a lot, because you can know everything about fences in Italy, but Italy is a little piece of the world. And so, if you don't see how they produce abroad, if you don't see how they make fences abroad, what are the trends or habits abroad, well, your knowledge, of course, will always be limited. I, personally, am becoming more and more reclusive, forgive the term. We have never had this propensity to go around, to visit others, to go abroad, and that is certainly a limit we have.


Here revealed, in our opinion, are the two biggest mistakes we have made. Now, if you want, leave your mistakes written in the comments, we are curious to discuss and read them. Remember to subscribe to the channel if you haven't already and leave a thumbs-up. We at Fenceshop talk about fences, even if we sometimes make mistakes.

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