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How long does a fence post last?

How long does a post last? When does it start to rust and, above all, peel off? Today, we will attempt to answer these and other questions. Hello everyone, we are Fenceshop, your trusted ecommerce for fences and related products.

We roughly know how we humans age: our skin changes, our hair turns white. However, we probably don't know how a classic fence post ages. Today, thanks to samples and images, we will discover how a fence post can age and what changes over time.

The painting process

First of all, we need to understand how a classic T-shaped fence post is painted. In short, the raw material is sandblasted with metallic powders to prepare the artifact for painting. Subsequently, it is washed to remove impurities and then painted with 100% pure polyester powders at about 200 degrees Celsius in the oven, allowing the paint to adhere. This process creates a plastic coating with a thickness of about 80 microns.

Post durability and resistance

How long does a fence post last? And when it does start to rust? Here we have a freshly unwrapped, new post, and another that is about 20 years old. By analyzing the two examples, we can notice that the post painted 20 years ago does not show rust, except for a few spots in critical corners and on the plate, which was welded and hand-retouched. The post has not peeled off but has become dull over time.

Moving on to a 40-year-old post, we notice a substantial difference. Posts from the old days tended to peel off because the painting processes were not as advanced as those today. Nowadays, posts do not peel off anymore, but they can dull and show some rust spots. Interestingly, a diagonal strip on an old post has turned blue, probably reverting to its primary color.

Factors influencing durability

Another important factor is the area where the post is installed. If the post is near the sea, salt can accelerate deterioration. In the mountains, in the sun or shade, under a plant: all these variables can influence the post's durability. In general, however, modern posts are much more robust compared to those from the past.

Remember that a T-shaped post is an artifact that costs between 3 and 6 euros, so we cannot expect infinite durability. However, thanks to improvements in painting techniques, even the critical points like tips and thin edges are now better protected from rust.


In conclusion, modern fence posts are designed to last over time without peeling off, although they may slightly dull and show some rust spots. Their durability can vary based on the installation area, but overall they offer excellent value for money.

Thank you for your attention, and we hope this information was helpful. We invite you to visit our website to discover our complete range of products for fences. Thank you and see you soon!

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