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Fence posts in other colors

Hello everyone, I'm Marco from Fenceshop and today we will talk about T posts that aren't green. Specifically, we will focus on Anthracite T posts, an elegant and trendy alternative to the classic green posts. Let's discover together all their technical characteristics and possible uses.

Technical characteristics of the Anthracite T post

The Anthracite T post is available in 4 standard heights and 2 custom heights. This means we have four different heights readily available in stock, while the two tallest heights are available only on request. Being a niche product, it is not very common, and therefore the height options are more limited compared to green posts.

The section of the Anthracite T post is measured side by side, considering the thickness of the post and its weight. It is important to pay attention to these details to ensure you choose the right post for your needs.

Uses of the Anthracite T post

The Anthracite T post is particularly suitable for residential use, thanks to its elegant color that blends perfectly with Anthracite meshes and wires. It is rare to see this type of post used for fencing agricultural land, as the Anthracite color is primarily designed for residential contexts.

As for the installation of Anthracite T posts, the procedure is identical to that of green posts. Therefore, we refer you to our video tutorial on green T posts for a detailed guide on installation. In any case, we will create a specific video on the installation of Anthracite posts in the future.

The evolution of the Anthracite color

The Anthracite color has become popular in the last ten years as an alternative to the classic green of fences. This change arose from the need to offer a different aesthetic solution for those who want a more modern and stylish fence. The Anthracite gray is the only color currently available as an alternative to green.

Looking to the future, there are news that some manufacturers are considering the introduction of corten-colored posts. This type of steel, which has the appearance of rusted iron, is stabilized and does not rust further. Corten is widely used in architecture for its particular aesthetics and could become a new trend in the fence market.


In conclusion, the Anthracite T posts represent an elegant and modern option for residential fences. With their technical characteristics and distinctive color, they offer a valid alternative to classic green posts. We at Fenceshop are always updated on the latest trends and are ready to offer you the best solutions for your fence needs. Continue to follow us for further updates and video tutorials on how to install our products.

Thank you for your attention and see you next time!

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