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Learning to Balance Fence Materials

Hello everyone, I'm Marco from Fenceshop. Today we'll teach you how to properly proportion fence materials. We often see customer orders that are not well-balanced, which can cause issues in the construction of the fence. Here are some examples to help you understand better.

Material Balancing

First example: a classic T-shaped fence post, dimensions 30x30 mm and 3.5 mm thickness, paired with a very robust welded wire mesh that weighs about 80 kg per two-meter roll. This is a classic case of disproportion. Such a light post cannot support such a heavy mesh, causing bends and defects in the structure.

Second example: a very light mesh with a 2.5 mm wire, paired with a galvanized and painted round post that costs 15-20 euros. Here too, there is a disproportion: an expensive and robust post paired with a light mesh is not an optimal choice.

Last example: a light post paired with 4 mm steel cables that have a traction of 1,075 kg. Pulling these cables on a light post will surely lead to bends and failures. In this case, a more robust post, round section, with a minimum thickness of 2 mm and properly anchored, would be necessary.

Shopping Tips

To guide you in the right purchase, here are two fundamental tips:

  • Information: Before buying, get informed. Use the internet, watch video tutorials, and seek advice from professionals. Good information will help you identify the right materials.
  • Price: Price can be a good indicator of quality. If a fence item costs very little, it is likely worth little. Conversely, an expensive item is often more robust and of higher quality. Make sure that the prices of the materials you choose are aligned with each other.

I hope I have been clear and helped you understand the importance of properly balancing fence materials. If you have questions or comments, leave them below. Don't forget to subscribe to our channel and visit our websites and Goodbye everyone!

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