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5 Disadvantages of Welded Mesh

Hello everyone, I'm Marco from Fenceshop, the leading e-commerce for fences. Today we want to talk about the five main disadvantages of welded mesh. After already discussing its advantages in a previous video, it's fair to also examine the less favorable aspects of this type of fence. Let's get started right away.

1. Difficulty of Installation on Steep Terrain

The first disadvantage is that welded mesh is not ideal for installation on steep terrain. If the ground has steep slopes, installation becomes even more complicated. I personally remember a job where we had to install a robust welded mesh in a very steep forest. The mesh was heavy and difficult to handle, making the operation extremely tiring and backbreaking.

2. Visibility of Joints

The second disadvantage concerns the visibility of joints. Unlike chain link mesh, which can be twisted without issues, the joints of a welded mesh are very visible. This happens because to join two rolls, cross ties must be made on each mesh, which, no matter how well done, remain evident.

3. Difficulty in Replacing Damaged Sections

The third disadvantage is related to the previous point: replacing damaged sections. If a tree or branch falls on the fence, causing damage, the joint needed to replace the piece will be visible. In other families of fences, like chain link mesh or panels, this problem does not occur.

4. Waste of Mesh Due to Rolling

The fourth disadvantage is related to the rolling system of welded mesh. Often, the initial part of the roll is very tight due to packaging, making it unusable. This can result in a waste of 5-10 centimeters of mesh. In some cases, the rolling may follow an S-shaped system, further increasing the amount of unusable mesh up to 15-20 centimeters. This defect becomes visible especially in long fences, where every 25 meters bent wires can be noticed.

5. Not Suitable for Sports Environments

The fifth and final disadvantage is that welded mesh is not suitable for use in some sports environments, like football fields. Even the most robust welded meshes cannot withstand the continuous stresses of balls and players leaning against the fence. Over time, vibrations can cause the wires to come loose, something that doesn't happen with chain link mesh.

In conclusion, we hope this video has provided you with useful information on the defects of welded meshes. Fenceshop's goal is to help you make an informed choice by evaluating both the pros and cons of different types of fences. Before closing, we remind you to subscribe to our YouTube channel and leave comments. If you want personalized insights, join our Facebook community. See you soon and happy working to all!

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