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Fenceshop Funnies

Hello everyone, I'm Marco from Fenceshop! Today we want to step out of the usual routine and have some laughs while still talking about fences. In this short video, I'll give you a rundown of events that happened here at our place or over the phone that made us smile. Ready? Let's get started!

Funny Events in the Office

One day, a customer walked into the office and started singing an opera. He was a tenor and sang so loudly that it almost hurt our ears. Then there was the customer who had a bit too much to drink, tripped on a step, and... boom, fell flat on his face! What a scare!

A worker from a company installing our furniture thought it was a good idea to go to the bathroom and leave a rag in the toilet. It wasn't very elegant, but we had to resolve the situation. Then there were customers who asked us the strangest things: a barbed wire, a bale of metallic mesh, non-rolling rolls, and even some bicarbonate poly (yes, the one for digestion!).

Once, a customer from Piedmont said something incomprehensible about a mesh made with "vagina links." We also had an employee who only spoke Piedmontese and found himself communicating with a customer with a strong southern accent. They couldn't understand each other but kept talking in their dialects. Wonderful, isn't it?

Embarrassing Situations

One of our former employees had a photo on his desk with the caption "Remember me like this" as if he had passed away. It wasn't true, but every customer who came into the office thought he was dead. A customer made some lewd comments to my cousin, not knowing that it was his father. Imagine the surprise when he found out!

A customer on the phone asked if we were a sex shop. No, we're Fenceshop! The customer's wife heard everything, and she got quite angry. Then there was the customer who insisted on loading a hundred 2.5-meter long posts on the roof rack of his Ford Focus. The result? Smashed roof rack and car roof!

Once, with a colleague, we loaded some posts into a very old car. The posts had sharp hooks that got caught on the seat, making the spring inside the seat go off. Another customer came in and asked if we had any mesh for fencing, but he had eyeballed his own mesh and told us it was 60 cm high. Actually, it was two meters high!

Memorable Gaffes

During the Christmas season, I saw someone I thought was my friend come in with a panettone. I shouted, "About time, you cheapo, finally bringing this damn panettone!" Too bad it was a surveyor I didn't know! He wasn't very pleased.

Once we caught a customer urinating in our yard. We have restrooms—two, in fact! And to top it off, a customer walked in and asked if we had any dried fruit. What on earth!


Well, that wraps up this brief rundown. I hope you had some laughs with us. Remember, we're always talking about fences. If you haven't done so yet, subscribe to our channel and hit the bell to stay updated on new videos. Visit our websites: for our e-commerce and for our institutional site. See you next time!

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