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Fences: Special 1000 Subscribers on our YouTube Channel

Hello everyone, I'm Marco from Fenceshop! Today I'm here to celebrate an important milestone with you: we have reached 1000 subscribers on our YouTube channel! To celebrate this special event, I decided to wear a suit and tie and bring a bottle to toast with you.

Before diving into the video, I want to inform you that within this video a promotional code will appear. This code will give you the right to a discount and a small gift if you enter it on our store. The promotion will last all of March and will offer you a 5% discount on the list price, provided you make a minimum purchase of 100 euros. So, keep your eyes peeled and don't miss the code!

An Important Milestone

Reaching 1000 subscribers might seem like an insignificant milestone in the vast world of social media, but for us at Fenceshop it is a great source of pride. About a year ago, our YouTube channel had only 150 subscribers and was practically abandoned. Thanks to a year of commitment and dedication, we have managed to grow it and reach this important milestone.

Let's talk about fences, a topic that might not seem very attractive or fun, but which is fundamental for many of you. For 45 years, my family and I have been dedicated to this sector, and we have many things to share with you. I hope that our content continues to pique your interest and provide you with useful information.

Our Results

In 2019, we reached 11,000 views and 243,000 minutes watched. We went from 153 subscribers to 1000 in about a year, and we see your interest growing more and more thanks to the comments and emails you send us. There are no secrets behind this success, just commitment, dedication, seriousness, and consistency.

Our Thanks

I want to publicly thank three people who have contributed to this success:

  • Marco Montemagno: He taught me what it means to communicate on social media and how to do it effectively.
  • Paolo Grisendi: He helped me understand the technicalities of shooting videos, such as setting up a camera and lighting.
  • My partner: She does an extraordinary job behind the scenes, taking care of the production of our content.
The Future of Our Channel

What does the future hold for us? We will continue to create content as long as there is interest from you. We still have many topics to cover and we will try to maintain the consistency of one video per week. We are also thinking about new ideas, such as translating the videos into French or creating new formats.


The video ends here. I want to thank all the subscribers from the bottom of my heart, as well as those who are not yet subscribed. We hope to soon reach 2000 subscribers and celebrate together by playing a guitar riff live. Don't forget to note the promotional code and use it on our store to get your discount and gift. Cheers to everyone and thanks again!

See you at the next appointment!

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