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Quadra Mesh Tear Test

At Fenceshop, we are always looking for solutions that guarantee safety, resistance, and durability for your fences. In this video tutorial, we will show you the tear test of the Quadra mesh, a product that promises excellent performance in terms of robustness and reliability. This test is essential to determine the resistance of the mesh under stress and to ensure it meets the needs of our customers.

Characteristics of Quadra Mesh

The Quadra mesh is designed to offer maximum resistance and durability. It is made with high-quality materials that ensure a long useful life and optimal protection. The main technical characteristics include:

  • Material: High-quality galvanized steel, which ensures resistance to corrosion and weather.
  • Wire thickness: 2.5 mm, ideal for offering robustness without compromising flexibility.
  • Mesh size: 50x50 mm, ensuring a solid and secure structure.
  • Height: Available in different heights to suit any fencing need.
  • Coating: PVC coating for additional protection and greater durability.
Procedure of the Tear Test

To perform the tear test, we used a specialized testing machine that applies increasing force on the mesh until it breaks. This allows us to measure the maximum resistance of the mesh and evaluate its ability to withstand external stresses. Here are the main steps of the test:

  • Preparation: The mesh is mounted on a support frame to ensure it is well secured and that the applied force is distributed evenly.
  • Application of force: The testing machine starts applying increasing force on the mesh, simulating the stress conditions it might face during use.
  • Measurement: The force required to break the mesh is measured, recording the data to analyze its resistance.
Test Results

The test results showed that the Quadra mesh has exceptional tear resistance, confirming its quality and reliability. The mesh withstood a tear force significantly higher than market standards, proving it is an excellent choice for those seeking a robust and durable fence.


In conclusion, the tear test of the Quadra mesh confirmed that this product is one of the best options available on the market for those looking for a resistant and reliable mesh. We at Fenceshop are proud to offer products that exceed rigorous quality tests and meet the highest expectations of our customers.

If you are looking for a fence that offers safety and durability, the Quadra mesh is the ideal choice. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information or assistance in choosing the mesh that best suits your needs. Visit our website to discover the entire range of available products and take advantage of our special offers.

Thank you for choosing us, and remember: with Fenceshop, your safety is our priority!

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