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Natural Bamboo Fences

Hello everyone, it's us from Fenceshop, the e-commerce specialized in fences and meshes. Today we will talk about natural bamboo fences, a versatile and fascinating product that we have been offering for years in our online and physical store. Bamboo fences are an ideal solution for those who want to combine aesthetics and functionality in their garden or outdoor space.

Technical characteristics of bamboo fences

Our natural bamboo fences are divided into two main models: the Standard Fence and the Time Fence. Let's look at them in detail:

  • Standard Fence:
    This model is designed for those looking for a simple and unpretentious aesthetic. The bamboo canes have a diameter ranging from 4 to 6 millimeters and are held together by a serpentine binding with a plastic-coated metal wire. The fences are available in rolls of 5 meters in length, with heights of 1 meter, 1.50 meters, and 2 meters. They cannot be cut to the meter.
  • Time Fence:
    This model is ideal for those looking for robustness and durability. The bamboo canes have a diameter of 10-12 millimeters and are darker in color compared to the Standard model. These canes are also held together by a serpentine binding with a plastic-coated metal wire. The fences are available in rolls of 3 meters in length, with heights of 1 meter, 1.50 meters, and 2 meters.
Uses of bamboo fences

Bamboo fences are perfect for various residential uses. They are ideal for:

  • Screening garden areas for greater privacy
  • Beautifying specific areas of the garden
  • Creating shade over gazebos or pergolas

These products offer a combination of privacy and shading, making them perfect for those who want a more welcoming and private outdoor environment.

Installation of bamboo fences

Regarding the installation, there are two main approaches:

  • On an existing fence: In this case, it will be easier to attach the bamboo fences using fix-ties or binding wires, leveraging the crossing points of the fence.
  • On a new fence: If there is no existing fence, it will be necessary to create a support structure with posts and horizontal tension wires to solidly attach the bamboo fences.

It's important to tie the bamboo fences very well to prevent them from detaching in case of strong winds, creating a sail effect that could damage the fence.

Final considerations

Bamboo fences are a natural material with a pleasant visual effect but present some variables to consider. For example, in the standard version, the roll may need to be stretched to reach the declared length, thereby increasing the space between the canes and reducing privacy. Additionally, the canes can vary in color and diameter within the same roll, as it is a natural material.

Another important consideration is durability: the cheaper version tends to deteriorate more quickly when exposed to sun and rain, while the more robust version offers greater resistance over time. If you desire more privacy, you can combine the bamboo fences with an economical shading mesh, achieving an optimal aesthetic and functional effect.

Finally, we invite you to subscribe to our channel to stay updated on our weekly videos dedicated to meshes and fences. You can find these products and many others on our e-commerce and visit our institutional site Thank you for your attention and happy crafting!

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